Sunday, December 18, 2005

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Results from press release.

I used this software Press Equalizer
I used this software to do a PR for a new site I bought on Ebay for
The press release went out on Dec 10th.

The site is pretty bare right now and basically just a Amazon catalog with adsense ads on it. There are thousands of pages and I hope to get them all indexed and with a PR.

I haven't really done much else with this site besides the press release.

I just found out that the PRWeb story is the top spot on yahoo for
the phrase "Christmas gifts for pets" which has 7,640,000 results!
click here

Also #1 for "Christmas gift for dogs" on yahoo out of 8,360,000!
click here
(on page 2 of Google)

Also #1 for "Cat gift for Christmas" out of 12,700,000 results!
click here

I have these link numbers:
google-these are mentions actually: 24

Here are the results from PRWeb:
Reads 40,729
estimated pickup 736
prints 14
pdf downloads 64

I know many don't believe in the page rank predictors and of course they can't be all that accurate because Google is hard to predict however I now have a projected PR4 from a couple of these sites.

The only other thing I did was post on a couple of blogs, mine and Mike Filsaime's. Plus I just added a link on a site yesterday.

So overall I am happy with the results of the PR. Of course I would like to see more traffic and I need to optimize the site for that. I also would like to see my actual site in the #1 position instead of the PR but I will take it anyways. #1 out of 12,700,000 isn't bad even if it is temporary.

Getting Press Equalizer is a no brainer.

Press Equalizer