Friday, October 28, 2005

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another HIT post

Well, this is two in a row for posting a post from the HIT forum. I will also add links to this post. This is regarding The Rich Jerk, Plugin Profit Site and PIPS pioneers CoOp.

"Hey, has anyone noticed this.

Kelly Felix ( The Rich Jerk ) is in the top ten at Empowerism and
The Rich Jerk is also a new member in the top ten with SFI!!


So how did he do this all of a sudden?

The answer is simple. He joined Plugin Profit Site and gave it a plug in
his hugely successful e-book!!

The Rich Jerk

Now, if you look at the top recruiters for SFI you will see Erich Winnecke at #1 ( PIPS member), Stone Evans at #2 ( PIPS founder) and now The Rich Jerk ( New PIPS member ) . There are others in the top 20 as well.

See why I think it is a good idea to add PIPS to HIT?

By the way, Erich is now teaching people at the PIPS forum how he makes over $700,000 a year with his plugin Profit Site. He has a 3 phase
training system that has generated a lot of interest over there. One of his students from his own downline has followed his training and step by step instructions on creating a profitable PIPS website and is now making about $8,000 a month. This lady never had success before online!!

There is also a PIPS Pioneer CoOp going on that is VERY interesting.
Here is how it is going to work in a nutshell;

1. You can buy a share of the PIPS PIoneers for $89 I believe and can buy up to 5 as I did.

2. The PIPS Pioneers are creating a website that will promote clickbank products, have adsense ads on it and also have a rotator for the PIPS sales page for each COOp shareholder. They will split the revenue from the adsense ads and click bank products according to how many shares each person buys.

3. The shares will be limited to 200.

4. A company will be employed by us to use SEO to get top rankings on good keywords. This is guaranteed.

5. There will also be a ongoing PPC adverting campaign going on.

So, as you can see, things are happening with PIPS. After not really paying too much attention to them for months I am real excited about the next few.


ps... I wanted to congratulate Theresa Gardner for her standing at SFI. way to go Theresa!