Friday, November 11, 2005

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Getting more into niche adsense websites.

Making niche adsense websites is fast becomming my main priority. I have been wanting to do this for a while but now I have joined three different "clubs" or programs that make it pretty easy.

One is niche site special and from that I made this website very quickly:

The other is nich mania which I made this website from:

The third is Google Cash Factor and I am still waiting for the first website from them. That program is just getting underway and I expect to get a couple websites soon.

The main difference between the GCF program and the other two is that it is more expensive and that can be justified hopefully because of a CoOp type advertising that will be done. I hope it works as I am impressed with these other two clubs so far. If I can get the traffic from the advertisng and also the promised high click through stats it will be worth it I think. I am looking forward to finding out just how it will work.

Niche mania has some real well made websites and the owner Big Mike has a good system in place to help people. I like the news feed that goes onto the sites from yahoo I believe. Very good. Plus a good amount of article content. The articles rotate to the opening page as each person visits. I like that touch also.

Niche Site Special seems to be newer than Niche Mania and I have talked to the owner Ed. He has some good ideas and I want to see what he comes up with. We have talked about putting together a network of old and new sites that relate to each other. Connect to each other also.


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