Wednesday, December 07, 2005

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Press Release and new software. Great combination?

Yes, another post here from a post from a forum. Hey,
why not? I am addicted to a good forum.

I wrote a press release this morning for a brand new site
and I already had one of the PR Sites post it! That is a
major advantage right there. This gets your PR out more
quickly than just using PRWeb, which is one of the largest
PR companies. The largest I am pretty sure.

I thought it would be a good test to do it on a completely
new site and see what happens. How long till I am indexed?
How many links will I get? Will it do better than just using

This my third press release and this one is the closest to
being a story. The other two were more like ads. Those won't
get picked up as much.

Still, even though I thought I did a bad job on my second
press release I still got these results below;

Statistic Count

Reads 64,954 Estimated Pickup 1,082 Prints 14 PDF Downloads

Not bad for a badly written press release. So now I can't
wait until I can judge the effect of a much better press
release that also uses this new software. By the way, this
software gives you information to help you write a press
release, but you still have to write it.

The most important thing is to write these press releases
like a story. Then figure out the keywords to select. Put
those keywords into the story and keep it still sounding
like a story.

You have to kind of look at as if you are an editor looking
for stories to fill space. They will pick a well written
article much more often than an ad for a website, product or

I also paid for an upgraded press release from PRWeb for
$80. I recommend that if you can afford it. The benefits are
worth it. However if you can't afford that I still know that
writting press releases can be a very powerful way to get
traffic. You also get:

links, links and maybe nore links, higher page rank,
branding of your name, getting indexed within days,
branding of your product or serice.



seo is easy


Here is the new software. Only came out this week I

Press Equalizer Software