Thursday, July 26, 2007

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My Long Tail Web Site

I was just looking at stats from one of my sites, which I haven't looked at recently. It's a real good site, but with just a bit of traffic. However, the traffic is almost all from SEs and especially Google SE. Now, that isn't that unusual I know, but what is really nice about this site are the Search Keyphrases (Top 10) in the allstats. Here is what part of them look like:

2793 different keyphrases Percent

#1 3.7 %
#2 3 %
#3 1.8 %
#4 1.3 %
#5 1.2 %
#6 1 %
#7 0.8 %
#8 0.7 %
#9 0.6 %
#10 0.6 %
other 84.7 %

So what this shows me is that this site is very well liked by Google mostly. It has many search terms that get traffic to the site. In fact the top ten account for only about 15% of the SE traffic. The rest, over 2700 other phrases, gets a huge 85% of the SE traffic!

This is for one month by the way. Almost 2800 hundred search terms getting traffic to the site.

I was real happy to see this because it confirmed my thoughts. I felt this site was a special one although it hasn't shown the increase in traffic I was hoping for. But that will be coming soon.

More to come about this site in the coming months. If you are a member of flipwebsites you will get a closer look as I am going to post what we plan to do to update this site substantially.

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