Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Build a Niche Store Review

OK, I heard a lot of good things about build a niche store in forums and on some blogs. From what I read it sounded like a good idea since I have been using the ebay affiliate program for over a year and like the wide variety of niches that it can instantly cover. So I bought the product and now here's a short Build a Niche Store Review .

First of all, what I like about BANS is that it is very well written and describes in detail how to do each step. I think in that regard it is excellent. There are many screenshots and the text is very clear and easy to understand. Plus they don't leave anything out. So, this part makes it user friendly for new online marketers.

The software itself seems to work very smoothly. So far I have made two sites and have not found any bugs. Here are the two sites I made:

Dog Training

Designer Handbags

As you can see, the sites are simple. I added some adsense a little short introduction. I'll add a bit more content later.

There aren't that many templates, but there is clear information on how to add your own templates. I hope they do add more though. Right now the logos don't really fit my niche, so I will have to find a my own logo. That's not a big probelem though.

I also would like a way to add more specific listings as I can do on squidoo where you can just add a keyword and live auctions for that keyword will show up. BANS does make it possible to change the keyword meta tags though.

Speaking of squidoo, what I have done so far with these two sites is link to them from squidoo lenses on the same subject. Here are the two lenses for my first two BANS sites:

squidoo Designer handbags


squidoo Dog Training

As you can see from the lenses I use the ebay modules quite a bit. Like I said the fact that you can pick all sorts of keywords that you want to target and instantly get live products for that specific keyword is a real nice feature. Plus, it's just so easy to use.

OK, back to BANS.

So, overall I like what I have seen so far with this software. I will have to wait a while to be able to say what the results are though, but in regards to first impressions I like it a lot.

Lets see what they do with it now.

So here is where you can get your build a niche store

and if you do buy from my link above, I will make your first niche store for you. I'll set it up, put your ads on it, and write a short intro. I'll even add your meta tags and other seo information for the homepage.


Update 7-22-07

Some new niche stores from me:

Inner Cat is a cat per supply store.

Home Solar Panels This one is a solar power and alternative energy store.

Solar Power Services another solar power store. just putting to use unesed domains.

So far I haven't any effort into promoting these sites, besides listing them here in my blog. I want to see what happens with minimal promotion because I hear that these sites can make money without much promotion. So we'll see. I may use a few more links to them, but not more than that. By listing them here so far a couple have been indexed by Google.

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