Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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TV Co-op email from owner

This is an interesting concept and should work once it gets rolling.

It is like a downline builder that is going to use a TV commercial co-opto grow its business.Here is my link that explains it pretty well:

I like the mix of companies they have and will buy a share in the co-op soon.

Below is an email from earlier today about how the strategy is unfolding.


In this update:

1. TVC Strategy Update

2. New Marketing ToolStrategy Update:

Today I just wanted to give you a quick overview of our strategy leading up to the TV ad campaign and answer some questions we've gotten recently about promoting our opportunities.

Some of you have been asking about our plans for specifically promoting the individual opps we have in our downline builder...for example "are we going to?";-) The answer is of course yes, but first things first as a wise person keeps reminding me;-)

Although I don't like the term pre-launch and won't use it in our case, we are in a sense in that kind of phase right now as we prepare for the traffic and influx of new members the television ads will bring.

Before we start spending money on advertising however, it's crucial to have all our systems finely tuned and our website converting at maximum efficiency so no advertising dollars are wasted.

That's my main priority right now, along with hitting our financial goal of $10,000 for the TVCoOp fund (just $2300 to go!). The website copy is now being rewritten and there will be some other minor changes to the site and program descriptions which should improve conversion even more.

Once all that is under control I'll turn to the TV commercials themselves and Saskia will focus on finishing the tools we'll be offering the new members. These tools will include a "Newbie School" tutorial and a collection pre-set marketing plans for promoting our programs that even the most inexperienced marketers will be able to follow.

After the commercials are produced and the air time is scheduled we'll both turn to fulltime promoters and you'll see your program conversions (and income) improve significantly. As I mentioned before, we have no profit for ourselves built into the co-op and it's our intention to make six figures per month as promoters of the products and programs we represent.

We're hoping at least some of our teammates are looking to do the same. That's where the idea for going on TV came from in the first place do this in a big way.....just in case you didn't think we were serious about this;-)

New Marketing Tool:Tomorrow I'll be adding another great new marketing tool to the member area. It's a viral ebook written by Saskia called "10,000 Hits A Day in 5 Minutes" that you can brand yourself and it comes with a lead capture page you can use to give it away.

The book is geared towards new marketers but the lead capture system is for everyone. In the first 30 minutes of testing it returned 3 TVCoOp signups and 5 mailing list signups from just 2 autosurfs.....amazing response!

It will build your list and your downline if you use it.Look for it in the member area sometime tomorrow.That's it for today. Now back to work!;-)To your assured success,Jon AlbeeSaskia van EsveldTVCoOp.netP.S.

Remember to get in the prime fall TV ad schedule you must join the CoOp by August 31st! No extensions! You can upgrade in your member area using PayPal, StormPay, INTGold or EGold.P.S.S. You can also apply your commissions to co-op shares via support ticket.

Just ask and we'll help you take care of it. That will save you processor fees.