Friday, August 12, 2005

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Leaders Club is a great lead and training source.

If you want to generate your own leads you can do it for free with the Home-Income-Team also known as HIT.

The owner Michael Cobb is a friend of mine and he works as hard as anyone to help his members have all the tools necessary to build your own list including autoresponders, capture pages and follow up emails. In fact many members on this forum belong to HIT including Craig Friesen who actually wrote one of the followup series of emails that HIT uses.

It is a terrific site and did I mention it's free.

However if you want leads and specific training on how to call, communicate and signup your prospects there is no other company that comes even close to what leaders club has to offer. How specific am I talking about? Here is just a partial list of tapes you can listen to from their site as a member:

From the audio archives:( if you notice at the bottom there is a search note that says "articles found 189 page 3 of 19" and this means there are 189 tapes of detailed, specific tapes that train you on all aspects of network marketing. Each tape is about 60 minutes. I put just the first 30 below.)

1. How To Avoid Becoming a Victim of The 80 Percent Syndrome (07/27/2005 - Audio)If you're making your prospecting phone dials and even getting plenty of completed calls where you are talking with the prospect, but yet you can't seem to schedule an interview or appointment with your prospect, you’re probably a victim of the 80 percent syndrome! If you find that those you do manage to schedule an interview or appointment with rarely buy, you may be suffering from the 80 percent syndrome!. You know this is a problem but what is the reason you can't seem to get people to do business with you?

2. How To Create Your Own Reality And Live The Life You Choose (07/20/2005 - Audio)We have the power to choose our own attitude and it’s one choice, one skill we are not taught to practice in our lives by the majority of educational and employment institutions. In this powerful program you will learn how you can create in your own mind an environment that will propel you to be a super-achiever. You will learn techniques that legendary athletes, and entrepreneurs alike have proven over and over again work. You’ll learn how to take control of your performance in every area of your life.

3. How to Establish a “Superb Communication Channel” with Your Prospect (07/13/2005 - Audio)The fact that network marketing is a relationship business is obvious to anyone seriously involved in the business. Still, most marketers are caught in a show and tell mode sharing what they offer with little or no regard to the fact the prospect buys for their reasons and not the marketers. A major piece to the puzzle of getting more people doing business with you is how you connect with your prospect. In this training audio we will discuss how to establish a superb communication channel with your prospect. We will discuss three key elements of superb communication and how you can create a sense of urgency in getting your prospect to a decision.

4. Understanding The True Cost of Financial And Time Freedom (07/06/2005 - Audio)Do you have the financial and time freedom in your life that you want? What does reaching financial and time freedom really mean? And, what does this freedom really cost you? Join us tonight for a discussion on the true cost of financial and time freedom. We will dig in and tackle many issues that affect your success in your business.

5. How to Explore Solutions that Trigger Win-Win Decisions (06/29/2005 - Audio)People buy for their reasons not yours! Understand this simple philosophy in getting people to a decision and you can be well on your way to many more positive results. But how do you attract the interested prospects? What can you say to get the prospect to be interested in what you have to offer? What can you do to ensure a win-win decision? All these questions and more will be answered in tonight's training call. There are some simple ways to connect with your prospect and explore solutions that trigger a win-win decision from your prospect. In tonight's training we will teach you some simple truths about reaching a win-win decision. Plus, you will learn 5 simple to implement steps to help position you toward more win-win business decisions from your prospects.

6. The True Power of Honesty and Clarity (06/22/2005 - Audio)Throughout the network marketing industry we are all faced with hype, misinformation, high expectations, and even misleading upline leadership. Yet, this industry is not all that bad. One bruise on the industry does not make the whole industry bad. One person does not make the whole organization bad either. In this program, Leaders Club Certified Marketing Consultant Ann Sieg joins us to discuss the importance of honesty and clarity. We will uncover the power behind honesty and clarity and how it affects your results in recruiting, selling, leading, and retention. Plus, we will share 5 important steps you can take to instill the power of honesty and clarity in all you do!

7. How to Maximize The Benefits of Coaching (06/15/2005 - Audio)Have you ever thought if coaching was for you? In this audio André and Jeff talk about how to look at coaching, what it can do for you, and how it all works. If you are stuck in your business and need professional help, this audio will be a guiding light.

8. A Leadership Profile With Ann Sieg (6/08/2005 - Audio)Ann Sieg was frustrated with the direction her business was moving in. She turned to Leaders Club and found a wealth of training resources that gave her a new found hope for a better future. Still things did not magically turn around for her. In fact things didn’t go all that well. Her success only came when she pushed past the point where most people throw in the towel. Not only did she build a thriving business, she became the number one woman producer for Leaders Club.

9. How To Be An Effective Leader (06/01/2005 - Audio)Leaders are a rare breed in this world. While, everyone wants the rewards that leaders receive, very few people are actually willing to develop true leadership skills and put them to use. In this program we will discuss 9 essential characteristics leaders possess, how you can get them, make them stronger and how true leaders differ from manipulators simply masquerading as leaders. This is a must hear audio for anyone striving to help others be the best they can be.

10. How To Manage Your Time For Maximum Effectiveness (05/25/2005 - Audio)Most people only spend 20 percent of their time working effectively. The other 80 percent often falls victim to common but avoidable time traps. In this program you will learn three practical and simple steps you can take to make the most out of your time and become more effective in your business.

11. 10 Steps For Long-Term Business Growth (05/18/2005 - Audio)Network marketing has come a long way in the last 50 years. Still the basics apply every bit as much today as they did back then. It’s easy to get confused, distracted and even derailed by all the “magical secrets” on business building. In this program you'll learn 10 steps you can take to ensure that you and your business are set for long-term growth.

12. Open Forum - 5/11/2005 (05/11/2005 - Audio)Do you ever wish that you had access to someone who really knows the network marketing business and could answer your questions, provide guidance and expert advice? Well you do! Subscribers ask questions about issues from follow-up and leaving messages to building credibility and using a 90 day plan in this Open Form where our leaders answer questions and provide guidance.

13. How To Develop A Powerful Prospecting Posture (05/04/2005 - Audio)In this program, we're going to talk about posture - not necessarily about the position of your back and shoulders, although that may play into it! When we talk about posture, we mean the mental and emotional state you are in. Steve Sakal joins Jeff and I as we explore how your posture plays into the results you are achieving in your prospecting. Your posture may determine how prospects react to you right in the first 10 seconds. It often determines if a prospect even wants to talk to you!

14. A Leadership Profile With Glenn Burks (04/27/2005 - Audio)Glenn Burks embodies the essence of a hype free leader. Glenn has been a regular feature on our Top Sponsor list, has received multiple Consistency Awards and has earned his star in our Hall of Fame. In this audio Glenn shares his background and how his search for tested, proven and hype free solutions for his business led him to Leaders Club. Glenn shares his philosophy on internet marketing, relationships, leadership and on why some people succeed while many others fail. This audio is a great opportunity to learn from one of the great unsung leaders in this industry.

15. 8 Things You Were Not Taught About Success in School (04/20/2005 - Audio)The majority of people in this world go though life frequently feeling lost, confused, scared, frustrated, and depressed about their prospects for the future. This can be in regard to relationships, and career choices but we find it especially true regarding business choices. Most people complete school, get their diploma or degree and think, “now what?” They graduate but are not fully equipped to navigate the waters of life and business. If this sounds familiar, relax — you're not crazy, and you're not stupid — you just haven't been given a REAL education on what it takes to be successful. In tonight’s program we’re going to share 8 key concepts and strategies that are vital to your success that you were not taught in school.

16. Practice Makes Improvement: A Sensible Approach To Business (04/13/2005 - Audio)Most people who are serious about building their business and that actually take action to move forward, express frustration with the rate of their progress. While true “go getters” will always lean toward frustration, in many ways though, the average networker has been setup to experience this frustration when it’s not necessary or even helpful. Tonight we’ll share with you a sensible way to approach your business that will help you stay calm and patient while allowing you to see real progress in your business.

17. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Compensation Plans (04/06/2005 - Audio)Every network marketing company has one, yet only about half of those involved in the business can properly explain the plan they represent to a prospect. In this program we’re going to talk about the different kinds of compensation plans and how they work. We'll expose common myths and you’ll learn how a compensation plan will affect your business strategy. We’ll also provide you with a few simple rules of thumb that you can use to evaluate any compensation plan, even ones that don’t exist yet!

18. The Essence of Building A Strong Team (03/30/2005 - Audio)Hall of Fame marketers Curt Johnson and Glenn Burks join us in this insightful program on teamwork and leadership. Curt and Glenn have and are building a strong team in their network marketing business. Tonight we’ll chat with them and get them to share some of their ideas and strategies for developing, growing and supporting a growing team of leaders.

19. 5 Ways You Can Succeed Using E-Mail And The Internet (03/23/2005 - Audio)A lot of things have changed in online marketing over the past few years. In this program we’ll cover some of the changes since we recorded E-mail Marketing 101 in March of 2002. E-mail and Internet marketing is still alive any well in 2005! However, don’t get the wrong impression, it is not a magical road to success. Many “Internet Systems” want you to believe just that, but it’s not true. You should still be using these technologies as a part of your overall marketing strategy. In this program we’ll give you 5 powerful ways you can successfully use e-mail and the Internet in your marketing today!

20. 5 Burning Questions Your Prospect Wants Answered (03/16/2005 - Audio)The reason a prospect joins a network marketing business under one marketer and not another, often comes down to the marketers ability to answer the burning questions the prospect has. The tricky part is that it’s not as simple as it sounds. The prospect doesn’t usually come out and ask the questions directly and in some cases may not even be completely or consciously aware of them. In the end, if we do not answer the prospects burning questions they will not find the answer to them on their own. Discover the five burning questions your prospect wants answered and how you can build a huge amount of credibility by even attempting to answer them!

21. How You Can Be The One To Succeed (03/09/2005 - Audio)In a recent complaint filed with the FTC on a major network marketing company, statistics were revealed that only about one in 3,838 distributors made a profit after subtracting all expenses. Leaders Club has long taught that less than 3% of those involved earn over $200 per month. In this program we’ll continue to share the TRUTH about network marketing success and explain to you in real world terms how you can be the “one” that makes it without selling your soul in the process.

22. What The “Heavy Hitters” Won’t Tell You About Network Marketing (03/02/2005 - Audio)If you have ever wondered what you haven’t been told, this program is for you! André and Jeff uncover 10 myths that are literally robbing millions of any chance at success. They also share one vital truth that if you take it to heart, will direct your success for your entire career! Leaders Club is all about giving you the truth. Our philosophy is that once you know the truth, you will waste less time, energy and money on those things that will not lead you toward success.

23. Promote Yourself First When Prospecting (02/23/2005 - Audio)Did you know that you have an advantage over every other person marketing to your prospect? Once you understand what it is, it will change the way you prospect and promote your business forever. In this program, Steve Sakal and Jack Rainbolt stop by the show to talk about the elements that make network marketing such a powerful marketing force and why most people don’t have the slightest clue on what this is much less how to harness it with purpose. You’ll learn why you should always promote yourself first when prospecting and how this approach allows you to fully tap the “magic” of network marketing.

24. How to Overcome Objections Naturally (02/16/2005 - Audio)Do you know how to effectively turn an objection to a close? Do you know how to overcome an objection so your prospect feels confident their concern was resolved so they can do business with you? In this training, we will discuss objections and how to overcome the most common objects we hear from our prospects. You will learn a simple technique proven to help you not only understand your prospect's objection but to also help you close the objection so you can move the sale forward.

25. How To Improve Your Telephone Presence and Confidence (02/09/2005 - Audio)Did you know that much of your success or failure in prospecting isn’t based on what you say, but HOW you say it? If you get a lot of hang-ups or you feel prospects aren’t listening to you this is a program for you! In this program, we’ll explore how your telephone persona plays into your prospecting success. Many people are not even aware they might have an issue with this. We’ll also cover some helpful strategies to improve your presence, posture and confidence.

26. How To Eliminate Frustration And Achieve Real Success (02/02/2005 - Audio)In this program we're going to clear a lot of air by sharing with you what is realistic in terms of success over time, and how to take advantage of the process that all successful network marketers must go through. We'll also expose some of the common hype that's literally robbing millions of people an honest shot at creating a successful business.

27. Mastering The Basics of Effective Prospecting - Part 2 (01/26/2005 - Audio)If you want to be effective in prospecting, you must focus on the basics. It’s easy to get caught in a rut of always looking for an easier way. The truth is that it’s the basics that will make or break your business and you must learn to master them. In this audio we focus on some key elements that most people overlook. We also share some key strategies that will help keep you in action in spite of yourself!

28. Mastering The Basics of Effective Prospecting - Part 1 (01/19/2005 - Audio)If you want to be effective in prospecting, you must focus on the basics. It’s easy to get caught in a rut of always looking for an easier way. The truth is that it’s the basics that will make or break your business and you must learn to master them. In this audio we focus on some key elements that most people overlook. We also share some key strategies that will help keep you in action in spite of yourself!

29. 3 Steps To Building An Active Downline (01/12/2005 - Audio)The holy grail of every network marketing leaders is to have every person in the downline organization actively promoting and building a business. This is probably too much to ask! Statistically most only between 5% and 10% of distributors are even attempting to take actions. Many people just talk about building a business while others lose interest soon after joining. So how can you as a leader get more of your organization to take action? In this program you’ll learn 3 simple steps that will increase the activity and health of your organization.

30. How To Set Goals That Mean Something (01/05/2005 - Audio)A new year means a new beginning. If you're like most people, you've probably flirted around with New Year's resolutions. You've probably said something like this in the past: “THIS is the year I’m really going to get my business in gear. I’m going to stay motivated and I’m going to take action EVERY day.” What happens? By February 1st. you’re back you your old routine. This year, things really can be different! In this program we’ll share with you a five-step process for creating your own personal mission statement. We’ll show you not just how to set goals – because goals that don’t move you to action aren’t really goals. We’re going to teach you how to set goals that actually mean something to you!

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