Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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Instant Buzz upgrade

( before I post here I would like to invite anyone to become a member of Instant Buzz. If you want to become a member, there is a free membership by the way, just email me at nalehpmit@yahoo.com and ask for an invitation to Instant Buzz and leave your name and email address.)

I upgraded to a pro membership Sunday with Instant Buzz and then waited to be upgraded.

I was on the Warrior Forum and saw a post by Mike Filsaime and I sent him a private message saying I wasn't upgraded and asked him to check on it.

Well, Mike wrote back and said he upgraded me to Elite status! Cool. That was unexpected. So now I have 25 ads I can run with Instant Buzz and some extra ads that came
with the upgrade. Also I can use HTML on the ads.

So I have been setting up about 15 of those campaigns and having fun. I am doing some testing and I am just having fun also. This should be interesting to see the differences in the click conversion on each individual ad. This is a way I can enjoy tracking and along with Trackthatad
all of a sudden I am doing a lot more tracking now.