Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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Alternative energy store

This is one of my newest affiliate programs. I joined it because it was the
only site that I found that carried such a wide variety of alternative
energy products. Plus it has a good affiliate program. They only pay 1%
but actually that can really payoff when you sell an item for $50,000
which is possible. Not too many of these sites have an affiliate program
either so this was the best I found.

The reason I joined is because I am interested in the solar energy industry
which I believe will grow tremendously in the next few years. Especially in
my home state of California.

Here is the link to this terrific site that has everything from solar panels, wind
systems, hydro power systems, batteries, compost toilets, solar hot water systems,
rainwater collection systems, energy efficiant appliances and many other products.


Tim Phelan